Remembrance of God is everybody’s duty. Don’t forget to remember the Almighty. There must not be any forgetfulness pertaining to the remembrance of God. With remembrance, one feels in union with the Lord. The heart remembers as long as it is alive. Remembrance is always good. He who remembers is himself remembered.

 When you utter, who makes you praise the God. Previously, you were deaf and dumb towards Him. Who has kept you talk as such. You keep on praising God and your Spiritual Guide. This is good.

    To die in remembrance of the Lord is wonderful. The man passes away even otherwise. It is better to die while remembering God. One must consider God omnipotent and omnipresent.

“Kechi Kahanda Viya, Chanwanda Viya, Ta Wathjo Wa’at Vindur Ji.”

(The companions of Punhoon who were inhabitants of Kech kept on saying while departing to take the path of Vindur.)

 God has created Man for His remembrance. Remembrance is only for the humans, otherwise there is so much of beastliness all around. It is better if God Almighty brings death to man as human being. One must also keep remembrance of his ultimate homeland in the life hereafter.

 Don’t stand still. One cannot stand still for ever. It is better to creep on. No body knows what times are yet to come. God is all mighty. Remember Him otherwise you will remember what happens to you.

“Hee-a ta hitt vihani, toon aagah kar agg-a ji.”

    (This moment is over here, you better think of tomorrow.)

He, whom God likes most, is blessed with His remembrance. It is the path of saints. The remembrance of Lord keeps man’s heart alive. Only God’s remembrance keeps the man’s heart and soul alive. The enemy always tries to misguide man on the divine path.

    From the very beginning, you have been taught to keep remembrance of God. With it, even recorded sins of man are washed away. Only the Almighty God is perfect. All others are sinful beings. So, accept God in whatever position you are. Except for Allah what respite lies in the way. Is there any abode except for God? The time is running fast. So, in every state, be on the direction of God.

    God has brought Man into being for His remembrance and pursuit. So, don’t lose His remembrance at all. Consider God as only lord. The Lord does all the works; the Man is mere waste. Don’t waste the moments of His remembrance. The Lord is guiltless. You have been told from beginning not to lose the remembrance of God. All else is bound to perish. The permanency goes only to the name of God.

    Even saints have treaded this path with trembling. Keeping the remembrance of God happens to be the habit of the saints. One should remain busy in ones work but, don’t lose remembrance even after temporary forgetfulness. No excuse is permissible on the path of God. Give up all excuses. Stand and tread on the right path. Don’t think of giving up the path of Allah. You will understand the value of such a path only after you shut your eyes at the time of death.

    Now you have been blessed with the company of your guide in full. So, you are relaxing. I have made you so with my own hand. But, don’t forget that even your spiritual guide is subjected to accountability pertaining to the guidance of his disciples. The Man has come on this earth just to seek some guidance. So, you cannot have any excuses for treading on this path.

    Some say, we feel pain in the abdomen; some say, we are inflicted with cough; some say, our concentration is not full; some say, we cannot settle down. The letters pouring down are saying so. I wish, I might take pity on you; but you don’t know about the wrath of Almighty. His thunders resemble with the furious waves of the torrential rivers.

With us here is lying the baggage of sorrows. Who asked you to join such people (having sorrows)? But now, as you have joined us, you are welcome; come forward. I am calling on you.

    You men look like women; even women are better than you. Only by treading, you can reach the destination. But, you people are double-minded. Be upright and remember God. Are you unaware of it that I am in Bombay? Don’t see here and there. Do this trading with treasure of life. While treading on the path of God, shun negligence. Take it as a pass; there are many passes to cross ahead.

    It is said “Lakan Ja Loda, Sabit Pavani Sassui!” (Let the jolts of the mountainous passes compensate you, O Sassui!)

    Move forward by saying “Rabb”, “Rabb.” Don’t see here and there except for Rabb (God).

    “Kedan De Din Cha’ar.” (You have a few playful days.)

    Those a few days are gone; they are going to pass. The playful life and glamour of this world has entangled all. Don’t envy anybody; you better learn to proceed on yourselves.

    It is duty of everybody to have remembrance of God. The span of life is up. The time is passing. Some know; some don’t know. People have awareness about the profit and loss; but at the time of worship they are unaware. If you so want, you can erase both worlds from your memory; but don’t forget Almighty God. Sooner or later, you have to face God and, present yourself in front of him. One shouldn’t be fearless; one should remain pure all the time. The idea of God’s remembrance must be there in joys as well as sorrows.

    It is said: “Thadi Kosi Ka’ah, Ka’anhe Vel Vihan Ji. Mata’an Theye Oondhah, Per-u Na Laheen Pireen-a Jo.”

    (Keep on proceeding forward in hot and cold. There is no moment to retire. Lest the darkness fall; thus you may not find the footprint of your lost beloved.)

    It is already explained and, I say it once again that the remembrance of God is not a joke at all. Those having awareness of it have cried. So, if you are obliging people, you will not have it. The God’s remembrance is a work you will have to perform. Don’t forget the merciful God while doing any work. The God’s remembrance is duty of human being. If there is remembrance, it means the heart is called for. It is not worth forgetting. Even if you forget about, try to remember it once again.

“Jo Damm Gha’afil, So Damm Kafir.” (The moment you forget, you are an infidel.)

    “Kechi Kahanda Viya, Chawanda Viya, Vathjo Wa’at Vindur Ji.”

    (Kechis, the inhabitants of Kech went off while saying take the path of Vindur.)

The remembrance of God is a duty on both men and women. Man is lifeless sans God’s remembrance. Both worlds shine if God is happy.

    One should always keep in mind that a pious person is pious person and a sinner is a sinner. He is a sinner who is indifferent towards God. He whom God likes is blessed by his remembrance. It means God has kept him closer. But, for that matter, you need education both in the worldly matters as well as in the celestial matters.

 â€œIlm Haq Dar Ilm Sufi Gum Shood, Een Sukhun Ki Bawar Mardum Shood.”

The knowledge of a Sufi (mystic) is the divinity of God alone. The manifestation (of divinity) is automatically amalgamated with it. All pursue the thought of Sufis. It is a wonderful pursuit. With Sufis there is only one Almighty Allah. The question is who is a trader?

    As a child is born to a person here, there he becomes a man. He who likes the name of God is himself liked by God. And, he is also liked hereafter. It is better if he is born here. It is also better if he becomes a man in this world.

    So, you must have some remembrance of your real homeland. You will have to travel to that homeland sooner or later. It is a long journey. What is only required is the obsession of love.

“Rel Miroee Rel, Par Ramz Tikhee Aa Rel Kha’an.”

(The train is fast, but ‘Ramz’ (obsession of love) is faster than the train.)

 So one should stick to the only thought of God and His remembrance stage by stage. The potter’s clay becomes perfect with labor still harder. The thought of God is also such. It is also like a handful of clay. So, even if you want to forget about both worlds, do it, but don’t forget the only one God. To be or not to be with Him is His own discretion.

 â€œBanda Beragi, Kar Ka Watan Waran Ji.”

(O, you the seeking slave, do something to return to your original homeland.)

    “Watan Jin Visariyo, Haif Tineen Khe Ho-e.”

(Fie on them who have forgotten their homeland.)

 You make your Lord happy so that He makes you happy. For it, don’t give up the love of God. Except for the remembrance of God, all else is mortality. So, why to praise something which is mortal? The praise befits the Lord. He should be praised.

 â€œMajlis Mehboob Re, Biyo Sabh Taqva (Aja’a-ee Hasti) Aahay.”

(Except for the union with the Beloved, all else is the existence of no use.)

So, don’t forget Almighty God. Of what use is the great worship! No worship equals the union with God. Many kings, after they perceived the secret, sought the union with God even they had to eat the bread made of wood. It was the fear of God that compelled them to eat the wooden bread. The fear of God is a great worship.

The true seeker is he who does not forget his beloved even in the hard times. The span of life is also minimizing. The elephants can be thrown off; the camels can be flown away by the time. Better say Rabb, Rabb (God). What else can the respite be on the way except for God?  And, what is to do with the mortals. The permanency attributes only to the name of God.

    You have asked about an easy way that it should also be non-controversial. I tell you, there is no way out except the one, as suggested to you, that leads to the Lord. So, don’t give up that path.

“Jeseen tha’a jiyo, rirho piya inhee-a raah mein; Turr mardaan, purr mardaan, bah-u mardaan, jhurr mardaan.”

(Move on this path until you are alive. Move on with men; creep on with men; sit together along with men; and die along with men.)

You should remember God while you are doing any work. Love every breath. The biggest task in life is to remember God. You better get preoccupied with that task which has been assigned to you. So far as your own tasks are concerned, the God and this Fakir are their custodians. The major task is to see the manifestations of God. A tie can have one hundred curves; but you should not forget the one God. If His name is forgotten, the man is bewildered.

“Jiyarious ee sambhaar, aaoon mili kandiyas koh!”

(Of what use is to meet the one whose only remembrance keeps one alive.)

One’s remembrance is one’s call. You are lured; and you are given a call too; but you seldom understand this phenomenon. You must know that all the companions are always called for.

    So, give up wanton pursuits. Just settle down and remember God. Once you achieve oneness, you get out of the state of duality. Settle down in such a way that you don’t remember even your own existence and you are in ecstasy. The name of Almighty Allah is the seed. The body is the land. Let the seed creep in every particle of the soul. The life is short while the journey is long. Be a Man so that you can attain Ma’arfat (divine knowledge). The words of ‘Maarfat’ and ‘Man’ are synonym. Now, these are the last days of life. Just stick to the name of God in such a way that you cannot get rid of it. The love of eye should be embedded in the head. In hot or cold, one must behave with purity. The time is short, therefore get engaged with that task like a man. Be a man and stick to that task. Bu Ali Qalandar says, stick to that task like a man otherwise sun will set on you while you will be clapping only like a eunuch.

    Except for God what task should I assign you? Those who are in love with God are together with me even after death. Those treading only one path are always with me; they not separated even after death. What piece of advice should I give you except for God? What remembrance one should keep except for God? The remembrance of God keeps one’s heart alive. The thought of God’s remembrance must remain perennial in heart. God has made man his worshipper; but the man should also consider God his lord. God has said that all responsibility of man’s doings lie on Him provided the man doesn’t forget God and doesn’t go astray in darkness after giving up My love. In fact, it is nothing but groping in the dark if God is forgotten. It is said “ a bad dog wins curse for its owner.” One should not be thought-less. Thought is the remembrance of God. The rest are the worldly arguments. So, live by the thought (of God).

    The need of remembrance must remain intact in hot and cold. Don’t forget God; take care of the breath. Those entangled in worldly pursuits often lose the right path. Now it is not too far to depart. I have also taught you of keeping remembrance of God. If you remember, you will also be remembered. Even if you forget, remember once again. When a man perceives rightly and then manifests ego, in fact commits a sin. Remember God. Don’t forget Him in any case. Wherever you are, don’t forget God. Thus you will not be separated.

    Both God and the guide (spiritual) remain happy with good deeds. And, the good deed is remembrance of God. You will be able to check all your good deeds in the life hereafter. I therefore say that don’t give up the love of God.

    Everyone lives by his or her deeds. You say we want to see something. Certainly, you will see everything including your deeds. But, first act in such a way that your deeds stick to God, and nothing else.

“Laaro Rabb-a Jo Neye Dekharay Tho Dar Dost Jo.”

(The tilting to God takes you to the beloved’s door.)

 Except for the God’s, what path would you take? If God’s path had not been there, where from could you have derived such a consciousness? Just remain submitted in front of God. May be He comes on the night of union. Only then, you can be called “Suhagin” (woman in union of husband).

    Whole day, do a fair job. After midnight, you need God. One should fight on the pattern of Hussain.

    One shouldn’t cause delay in treading on the right path. If the deer moves on, he can escape the fire of the hunter; but he (deer) stops and looks back at the hunter, he is shot at. So, tread on continuously on the path without looking here and there. While going to salute the King, if one sees here and there, it means, he is not going to the king with concentration. So, you do proceed on but by looking here and there, without concentration. Be cautious. If you sit in meditation, be single-minded. Continuous strokes of hammer create sorrow of separation in your heart. Be cautious and live with consciousness. The day is short while the journey long. Don’t rest in the journey of the desert where none awaits for anyone.

    Your remedy is remembrance of God. And your care is patience. It is your duty not to forget God till your end. I have not exercised any surgery on you people. It is the duty of spiritual guide to bring you on the right path. You are an offshoot of a Fakir. On it, you should be happy. The greatest task in front of you is what your father has taught you. It is “the remembrance of the beloved should not end in heart.”  It is because this life is but a moment. And, that moment is also passing away.

The most important work that you perform is the godly task. While doing other works, you may die in the hands of others. It is therefore unbecoming of you to forget God. If you forget God, He forgets you. Try to become innocent as child. As a child walks behind the parent, you should also walk after command of God.

    This journey is very hard. In it, you find sorrows and confusions. It is common with all seekers. You better absorb the pain and sorrow. You are supposed to believe in the invisibility of God. So, speed up with journey as well as blind faith in your God. This path is such that compelled Miran Bai to give up her kingdom. There must not be any objection on this path. It is a godly path.

“Pandh Saroi Kech Jo, To Mathay Aah, Iho Punhal Puchhai, Jo Manzillan Maaf Karay.”

(It is for you to accomplish the journey of Kech. Ask for Punhal who can exempt you from journey.)

“Hitt Pittin-u Behad, Hutt Pireen-a Parwah Naah Ki.” 

(Here there is all mourning. And there, the Beloved cares not.)

Don’t forget that the owner of the house has entered into his own house. You better direct your mind to be attentive to the Lord. The groping in dark will not yield anything. The heart that doesn’t ache is barren. The care for God must be perennial.

“Hai, hai je na ho-e, ta jekar jee-u jail wanje.”

(If there is no mourning in the heart, the soul might burn to ashes.)

I wish I could make lofty promises to you. But, this path is such. You will have to tread on this path with great care. The life is short, the journey long. So, don’t give up the path you have taken. This path, at last will lead you to the divine destination. One should not waste this sacred life for the purpose of (short) living. Don’t get intoxicated only with this world.

“Hubb-a Duniya, Sirr Khatta.”

(Love for world is a sin for the soul.)

 Don’t waste your time while sitting. You will ultimately have to embark upon this journey. The time of the day is short while the journey is long. Even if you need to run off, do it.

“Janhin Raah Mein Panwando Maan, Saa Raah Jhaleendi Ketro.” 

(The path that is measured will not last long.)

 One should not waste ones life sans path. Don’t sit idle; tread on, because it is not possible to remain idle. Don’t waste even the moment you are sitting. The seekers of truth, and not the seekers of the world are appreciated in the life hereafter. This is a moving convoy. The ticket is the creed. It is the creed that matters. If the journey makes no headway, intensify the belief like the bird….‘Chakor’.

 â€œApni Tor-e Nibah, Uski O Janay.”

(Prove your own fidelity; leave his to him.)    

Don’t become indifferent towards direction and path of God. An idle person is seldom loved; even by father and mother.

“Sala Uhay, Jeke Angooren Bhala.”

(Good plants have good saplings.)

Move on in whatever condition you are. Even a death while in journey on right path is better. One should stick to the direction of God. The sustenance is one aspect of life; there are other aspects too. If a man is on moving; sooner or later, he will reach the destination. The morning and evening should be spent in moving. The journey is hard so much so that even saints feared it. Once on move, one gets nearer to the destination by and by. Here there is nothing; whatever it is; it is hereafter. This process contains both sorrows and joys. However, when God is there, there is no cause of worry.

“Maandi Thee Na Marui; Allah Bhi Aahay.”

(Marui! Don’t be worried; God is there.)

“Mataan Thiyen Maandi, Jo Vejha Atha-ee Wann-a Vindur Ja.” 

(The trees of Vindur (a place) are nearer; don’t be worried.)

 There are sorrows and pains on path to God. The sorrows on God’s path are better than worldly joys. Seeing worry, don’t forget God. This is the journey of truth. You have, not as yet, seen the sorrows on this path; you have only heard about them.

“Dekharious Ee Dukhan, Goondar Gass-u Piriyan Jo, Soonha-e Sooran, Ki Hekaandhi Hoat Seen.” – Bhitai

(The sorrows showed me the path of Beloved. The pains becoming my guide brought me to the Beloved.” 

With valor and happiness, one should keep remembrance of God. If sorrows come in the way, one should endure them.

“Gham Kha-en, Gham Piyan, Gham Ji Kiyo Ghiza.” 

(Eat sorrows, drink sorrows and take sorrows as food.)

Sun logic. The meditation will be happy when once thought is attached to the God’s remembrance. In this way, the ‘Zaat’ and ‘Siffaat’ are brought together stage by stage.

 â€œTuban Po-e Tubbi, Aahay Be-Anat-a Mein.”

(Dive after dive in fathomless ocean.)

This path has to be covered by man, dead or alive. He will learn well if trimming is done to him. The trimming is always meant for the falcons. The trimming is given to the trees so that the new and fresh leaves are grown from their branches. Actually, the direction of this path is not attained through education, but by perception. This journey is meant for the headless people. Those seeking self cannot tread on this path. You people have laid down your total dependence on your stomach. Like a child who takes one breast in his mouth, catches hold of another one in hand and looks for the third one; you people also take one loaf of bread in your mouth, another in hand and look for the third one here and there. Everyone is tested by his deeds. The best way is to be on His side.

    The Godly thought must be pursued as a man. This is the path of brave people. Mere desire doesn’t take you to the destination. Even a single step in wrong direction is unadvisable. Take right path and move on.

“Pandh Paranhon ain Manzil doorr.” 

(The journey is remote, the destination too far.)

This is an un-acquainted journey. One can embark on it only by complete reliance on God. Just keep you guide in the sight while treading on this difficult path. Let the Dambooro of sorrows be played with music of truth. Don’t haste in this journey. It is the godly journey that will end stage by stage provided the effort continues.

    You are journeying as if riding on untamed horses galloping sometimes on the right path and sometimes going astray. Take the reigns in your hands. If it slips away, retake it. This way, ultimately, the horse will get tamed. In this path, at first stage are the sorrows; at the later stage there are joys.

    The weavers do the best work. They who join the tie of disconnected thread off and on. You should also do the same. If you forget, remember again. If you remember, you will also be remembered.

“Hitt Sachal Sambhariya, Hutt Sambhaar Sachal Di.”

(Sachal remembered them here, and Sachal was remembered there.)

It is good to tread on the right path. So, take the path what are looking for here and there? You are wasting your time and you are doing such deeds because you have become fearless. One should care for the thing that is getting out of the hands. He who is sitting will also die; and he who is sleeping will also die.

“Kechi Kahanda Viya, Chanvanda Viya, Ta Vathjo Wa’at Vindur Ji.”

(Kechis, the inhabitants of Kech went off while saying take the path of Vindur.)

 So, take the path that is right. God has made us to take the path that goes to Him. That path is better. If you tell anyone that he is pathless, he will feel bad. If you ask a pathless person to keep quite, he would be annoyed even if he were really a pathless person. If you say to anybody that he is ‘nothing’, he will be enraged. It is besides the fact that there are innumerable jewels contained in ‘nothingness’; rather more than what even Alexander the great had. So, the man avoids being nothing. It is because he thinks that he is something.

      Today’s work should not be kept for tomorrow. The present moment cannot be had next. The saintly path is difficult. If one’s meditation is disturbed at any murmur, it means the godly thought is endangered. This godly journey depends on thought process. The antelope having fragrance in his umbilicus grazes along with other animals, but retires separately. The saintly people should also do the same. They should meditate in such a way that they could only hear a single word uttered by the beloved, and none else. It is the way of those who struggle. Remembrance for all twenty-four hours is the prophets’ doings. Miran Bai has said that the day is short, the journey long. If you want to run, do it. One should run very fast so as to catch hold of life prior to death.

    Greater company confuses. See God in His manifestation.

    Remembrance of God should be such that one’s own existence is forgotten. The existence in itself is logic (an argument).

    Bring the Beloved unto your heart. Remember God with heart and soul. Remain on the side of God in whatever condition one is.

    You are creatures of God. Try to behold God in His manifestation. To behold God in His manifestation is an asset of the prophets. The man has come on this earth just to behold God in His manifestation. 

One should not walk forth nor sit down; only try to get out of the maddening crowd so as to behold God visibly.

    Now, the merciful beloved is around the corner; the enemy is also inside the house; one should wage a war so that in the life hereafter you are called the son of Fakir. In such a process, the opinion and idea of friends and foes be weighed. The enemy perishes the path.

“Vathiyo vangig wa’at, kandh na pherij kadaheen;  Mata’an lonay pher lapa’at, laga-ee Shah Latif che.” 

(Shah Latif says move on the path; don’t turn your head anywhere; Lest you are slapped on the side of your face.)

 Don’t take it merely as poems. If you think deep, they speak of you. But, you keep quite after hearing about you, and sit down idle. So, it is imperative that struggle be launched. If struggle is not initiated, enhance the intensity of the creed. Thus, by and by, try to get out this house.

    After midnight, wear the war cap on your head because it is a major war. And while the sun of life still shines, initiate the war. You should believe that he who abstains you from the path of God is not your friend. He is the friend who keeps the heart alive. Mere promise is also a great support. On the basis of promise one sets upon a long journey. As you love your life, if you so love the God, you can be accepted.

 â€œAahay Ajha’ag Ihho Pandh Re Adiyoon.”

(O sisters, it is an ending journey.)

As the Lord is He, so are His tools once come in, never misses the target.

    God does not care for the worship only? No, my children! He observes the motive as well. The motive of the heart is always accepted.

    With change in habits, one becomes man. And with it, the moral values also change. Thus, by and by one becomes the Man. The man suffers only due to his characteristics.

    Men fear good or bad name not God. Mere tilt towards God is also better. If he cannot worship, he should stand and wait. Even if he has no time to speak, at least he should be purified by mind. He should remain calm sans fear of the thief or any body else. If anyone gives him food, he should eat, otherwise he should keep quite. One should side with Him who is owner of the whole. It is also like a shop. Sooner or later, there will be rush on the shop. Some will seek wife, some money. But, first of all, let the shop be opened. Thus, you can bury the enemy under your foot

 â€œLa’a-e Tarar ‘La’ Ji, Khani Khachar Khe Ma’ar; Ta Samoori Sarkar, Mengha Mila-ee Ma’ath Mein.”

(Make the sword of ‘La’ sharp and strike at the donkey. O Mengha! Thus you will get all powers of a government.)

The sword of ‘La’ is what we have bestowed upon you.

Don’t repeat the story of ‘Gagan’s water-well’. You have to return to God. You should really believe in God.

    The horse with ‘Ramz’ (smooth galloping) is always liked the most. The ‘Ramz’ here is the smooth galloping of the horse. If the horse were sans ‘Ramz’, his walk would be rough. It will damage the lungs of the rider. This world sans ‘Ramz’ is nothing but rough galloping of the horse.

    The flowing water is clean. The stagnant water develops stinking smell. He (man) is also a body of water (water-body); if it moves on, it is okay, if it stagnates, it will emit bad odor. This is called water disease!

    Take care and support of God who is the lord of forgiveness. Had you brought your ration from the stomach of your mother? It is He who feeds you everything all the time you are alive. God is the lord of kindness and comfort. He can provide you with kindness and comfort from his unending treasures.

“Ilm-a Aqul-a Ji Ja’a-e Na Ka’a-ee.”

(There is no place for knowledge and wisdom (to contain Him.)

Mercy is an abode of kindness. You can beg from God. He says you should not be disappointed from my mercy. Beg it from me. If man wishes to remain happy visibly and invisibly, then he should make the Lord happy. Beg mercy from your Lord. He is the lord of forgiveness.

    The God is giver, He is the Lord and He is the Creator. All else is mere pretext. In between earth and sky, none else has any authority. The Man is a guest for a short sojourn. Everything belongs to God. All good deeds are performed by his consent. When God has satisfied you hunger and thirst, you better please Him now. Just think if you ask anyone to buy sugar candy for you and instead he brings alum how could he be liked. God has given treasure of life to Man and has asked him.

“Wakhar So Viha’a-e, Jo Pa-ye Purano Ma Thiye.”

(Trade in a commodity that is not spoiled if stored for long.)

That commodity is the name of God. So, move on for the remembrance of God. Look at him. He is involved in other useless matters. Ultimately, all will have to be face to face with the heavenly authority. Then what respect will he earn from there.

    If you need to forget both the worlds, do it; but don’t forget the only one God. At every place and in every moment, have remembrance of Almighty God. And take the center of only God. You all are attributed to God; so you all must side with Him. Consider God as your eternal and perennial force. What sort of people are you that you have lost the owner of the house within the house itself. Would you search for the sun with the help of the light of a lamp? Why to have any fear when God is with you always.

    So, you can forget about both the worlds but not Almighty God. Don’t erase the name of your God from your heart even if you have to forget this whole world along with its palatial buildings. Have remembrance of God; of what use is to remember the world. People who are churning water will have nothing. Many have departed after doing so. You should also remember that you too have to depart. How much would you seek forefront. Have a look at your back too. To die is essentially inevitable; let us hope, God owns us at the time of death; and we die while in His remembrance.

    God doesn’t care for worship. It is only to abide by the command of God. The guidance on the path is there; but this journey is for such people who tread on the path with great valor.

    If you have God’s remembrance here, you will be remembered in the world hereafter. But, you people are preserving such things that are worth giving up. Worth preserving is the remembrance of the only one God.

    The thought must be freed from the folk. When you are alone, seek the help of God. Have remembrance of God so that you are also remembered. Be careful. Tie your eye with your inner self. This is a manly journey. One feels thirsty due to dehydration during such journey. There are two kinds of dehydration: one feels it in a disease while the other form of thirst is experienced while battling during such a journey. The later form of thirst is better as it burns the evil in the inner self.

    He is now nearer whose creature is the man. So, ride forth on any animal keeping saddle on him. This place is not meant for long stay. It is too long stay that you already have, what else? 

    This journey is such; you should only move on and on. Just move on in whatever condition you are. This is the journey meant for saints and prophets. This is the manly journey for true seekers. If we find union while alive, it is great; if not, at least we should be in union after death. Everyone treads on with support of hands and feet.

“Toon Hall-u Hinyen Seenn Hoat De, Perenn Pandh Vissar.”

(Tread on the path of Hoat (Punhoon) with heart; just forget about walking on feet.)

 So, come up and tread on the path of God. Try to proceed on even by the support of the head (in case your hands and feet do not work). It is because none coming in this world stays for long. It is better to fasten walking steps. In other case, one should have firm faith in God. Tread on the path as if you are moving for an attack. Intensify your advance march and take quick steps. And, in case the forward march is not possible, intensify your faith in God. Actually, it is the faith that matters. What to do with religions? It is always better to have firm faith.

    The worldly matters would be settled ‘Insha Allah Ta’ala’ (if God so wishes). You better mind your own business. All other matters are optional. Everyone in this world has come to perform the duty of house. He who is indifferent from his house cannot be considered as a human being. So, try to become a human being. After seeking divine knowledge, the inner self of a man is settled down and he becomes cool as an earthen jar.