I made copies of the book full of notes in Sindhi in Mama’s cupboard after he passed away. The handwriting and copies of the book made it hard to understand and translate.


Mama Lalchand writes that Sainji said “ talib te Murshid jee soorat phereen zahiri soorat bheeendi ahey. Poay jadeehn talib wareen ayo ta soorat wadey husn saan eendey”

A visitor

Mama Lalchand writes that one day he was present in Sainjis kacheri where there were others also. One person dressed in white clothes asked Sainji that yesterday a man was sitting on your right was conversing with you and I heard some words sad that I don’t remember now.

Sainji asked “did you not recognize him?” The questioner said he did not. Sainji said that he was Hazrat Imam Hussain Auliaalsalaam. (Grandson of the Prophet PBUH) That he couldn’t converse in public and that the conversation was “khayal to khayal.” Now imagine what a supreme being our Sainji was.

Spiritual levels

Mama Lalchand confirms what Mama Kishin said he heard about the spiritual levels and closeness to God He says Sainji said “Kana” or Lord Krishna also is limited even though his murli or flute is so captivating that talibs or disciples get stuck at this level. Then Sainji said “Nath” or “Lord Shiva” who has a “kaat “ or axe in his hands and a cutoff head in his hand (implying  sacrificing your life in pursuit of God) Meaning Sainji is indirectly telling us levels of others but never saying anything that he is above all of them which he is

Fairies in the Dargah

Sainji said there was a “jalalani” fakir who told Him that his Zikr was not working so He told him to go to the Dargah and sit at the feet of Shah Shaheed badshah.

The person sat in meditation and dreamt that two beautiful woman were conversing. One said to the other that “ look that person is looking at us” the other woman replied that “ it’s fine he is Sains fakir”.

Then the persons eyes opened and observed that these two women were indeed present.

Again one said to the other “Adi he is watching us” whereupon the other gave the same reply.

He saw them both exiting the roza and then wings came out from their sides. Then both flew away as he watched.

Sainji said the fairies or pari’s are real

Sainji’s advice and a voice inside the Roza

Sainji says he once went to Shah Kareem’s dargah and mela in town Bulri. He went inside the roza and saw a “bakrar” or goat herder knocking loudly on the door and begging out loudly. Sainji says he liked it. I assume our Sainji was very young at the time. He then went to Badshah Shah Shaheed s roza and knocked at said at the door “ Sain Shah Shaheed I am alone here in the middle of crowds and after death what is going to happen to me” and then sat in the corner. Heard the entire roza vibrated for a while. Then a voice said “ kachi dhakreen ainh mandee makori jo zamo khain ahey.” Then after some time another voice “ whoever khadim (servant) crosses this door will be taken care of “ Sainji then says similarly whoever fills the matkas of water there the fakirs will not forget the person. We can assume He is talking about Dargah Jhok Sharif .