These conversations are translated from Sindhi to English by my wife and I from the Late Lalchand (Asoomal) Lakhwani’s notes

The three Fakirs

One is the one Kishinchand Lakhwani mentioned about Sainji asking a mureed if she recognized the three fakirs that she saw at night. Of course the mureed was Mrs Siroomal Lakhwani.

Meera Bai

Sainji also said there was an advanced mureed who told Him that Meera Bai had come last night around 1 am when she had dozed off to wake her and said “utho rab ghuro” (Get up and Remember God).

Murshids’ Soorat

Mama Lalchand writes that Sainji said “ talib te Murshid jee soorat phereen zahiri soorat bheeendi ahey. Poay jadeehn talib wareen ayo ta soorat wadey husn saan eendey” ( First, the Murshid’s soorat or face becomes visible and constant for the disciple. Then when the disciple is liked/loved by the Murshid, the soorat comes with great beauty)

Let’s all pray we get there

Sainji’s Visitor

Lalchand writes that one day he was present in Sainjis kacheri where there were others also. One person dressed in white clothes asked Sainji that yesterday a man was sitting on your right was conversing with you and I heard some words sad that I don’t remember now.

Sainji asked “did you not recognize him?” The questioner said he did not. Sainji said that he was Hazrat Imam Hussain Auliaalsalaam. (Grandson of the Prophet PBUH) That he couldn’t converse in public and that the conversation was “khayal to khayal”

Now imagine what a supreme being our Sainji was.

Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva

Lalchand confirms what Kishinchand said he heard about the spiritual levels and closeness to God. He says Sainji said “Kana” or Lord Krishna also is limited even though his murli or flute is so captivating that talibs or disciples get stuck at this level. Then Sainji said “Nath” or “Lord Shiva” who has a “kaat “ or axe in his hands and a cutoff head in his hand (implying  sacrificing your life in pursuit of God). Meaning Sainji is indirectly telling us that these avatars are real and also levels of others but never saying anything that he is above all of them.